After a two hour trek from Bangkok, we finally arrived at Amphawa Floating Market to find that it was closed.

Starting our day bright and early, we looked forward to enjoying a somewhat less crowded stroll through the local attraction. But upon arrival, our van driver mentioned that Amphawa was actually closed until later that afternoon. Did Google uncharacteristically let us down with the hours and info? Were we being scammed by our driver? Why was God punishing us!?

To Scam or Not To Scam

Not Amphawa Floating Market.
Not Amphawa Floating Market.

Instead, our driver dropped us off at the nearby Damnoen Floating Market about 15 minutes away. Now I’ve read about tuk tuk scams and the like about how an attraction is supposedly ‘closed’ but another similar sight is conveniently open nearby. So you’d imagine I had my no-B.S. guard up the whole time we were on the receiving end of a hard sell to take a boat ride at 4500 baht for the three of us at the entrance. What outrage!

Giving In to Beer Pressure

Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.

After re-aligning our heart chakras over coffee and cigarettes, we decided to do the boat tour since we still had a couple of hours until Amphawa was supposedly open. We managed to bargain the price down to a more reasonable 1500 baht (500 per person). Haggling definitely takes a bit of getting used to but quite fun once you get used to it.

It’s a Traaaaaap!

Damnoen, one of the most popular floating markets near Bangkok, is what you’d expect from a tourist trap: the same I Heart Thailand shirts, magnets and straw hats repeated at different stalls for purchase by boat loads (literally) of tourists. But the ride alone was worth it thanks to the tasty treats, cheap beer (as always) and people watching up and down the waterways.

Mae Klong Train Station & Beyond

My twin and I visiting the Coconut Sugar Farm (i.e. Generic Souvenir Shop).
My twin and I visiting the Coconut Sugar Farm (i.e. Generic Souvenir Shop).

We completed the main loop through the market and thanked our motorboat driver with about four hours still to spare. What would we do? Who would we meet? Where would we end up in life? We asked the cafe worker for any recommendations in the area and he suggested the nearby train market.

To be continued I guess!