So long New York winters, hello hazy Bangkok!

After a grueling 24 hours of flying including a four hour layover in Shanghai, I’m currently basking in the humid glory of Thailand. Becky and Josh arrived a day earlier in Bangkok and were already at our Airbnb in Ramkhamhaeng. Since we’re pretty dead inside from the travel and time zone changes, we decided to take it easy and check out Chinatown.

Foot traffic vs. real traffic in Chinatown.

Enticing smells of various street carts and vendors led our way down claustrophobic alleyways selling bootleg merchandise. We strolled through night markets filled with locals and tourists alike, taking in the chaotic neon scene.

Stuffing Our Faces: A Lifestyle Choice

This is it folks, basically my reason for living: the cheap and delicious street food! We sampled chicken skewers and dry fried noodles with pork, leaving the fried scorpions and other insect delicacies to the more adventurous.

day1_bangkok_chinatow_08First Impressions of Bangkok

  • This city is sprawling, with small wooden houses and decrepit buildings mixed with huge apartment buildings and skyscrapers.
  • That traffic life is so real! We might try to spend less time in Ubers and more time trying to navigate the MRT.
  • Speaking of which, I probably shouldn’t have assumed that living in NYC prepared me in any way, shape or form for trying to navigate the Airport Link Train.
  • The language barrier isn’t too difficult to overcome, will keep you posted on attempting to say hello and thank you.

Lazies Gonna Laze

All in all I’d say it’s a pretty good first night in Bangkok and introduction to South East Asia. We’re taking it easy today to recover from all the traveling by relaxing poolside before venturing out into the hot, humid heat to check out one of Bangkok’s ridiculously huge shopping malls.

Stay tuned for more!